Companies in order to meet the needs of customers fast delivery, in particular the establishment of a urgent model production line, 1-2 layers of the fastest 24 hours, 4-8 layers of the fastest 48 hours. Minimum mechanical aperture 0. 15MM, minimum line width 3MIL.
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Sensor HF Board

Sensor HF Board

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24G high frequency induction door plate

Name:24G high frequency induction door plate
Details :

High frequency microwave sensor board PCB: also known as microwave radar frequency board PCB, the reaction induction of object movement and reaction speed,
Place in the normal personnel walking speed through the applicable, it is once in a near the door of the staff do not want to go out and motionless, the radar will no longer reaction. Automatic door closes, there may appear clip phenomenon.
Our company specializing in the production of these products of the circuit board, with professional quality assurance for each customer to provide quality services.

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