Companies in order to meet the needs of customers fast delivery, in particular the establishment of a urgent model production line, 1-2 layers of the fastest 24 hours, 4-8 layers of the fastest 48 hours. Minimum mechanical aperture 0. 15MM, minimum line width 3MIL.
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Rogers PCB

Rogers PCB

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Rogers RO4350B high frequency board 1.6MM

Name:Rogers RO4350B high frequency board 1.6MM
Details : ROGERS PCB, RO4350B, R04003C, RT5880, RT5870, high frequency board processing. High frequency sound control switch board, high frequency microwave induction switch circuit board microwave radar sensor switch circuit board.RO4003C PCB Rodgers PCB RO4350B PCB 85N multilayer high thermal conductivity PCB microwave PCB TP-2 substrate TLX-8 TLX-6 TC-600 circuit board RF-35 circuit board Rodgers ROGERS impedance board AD255Diclad880arlon high frequency plate high frequency PCB in high frequency microwave high-frequency circuit board PCB board Rodgers +FR4 mixed pressure PCB 6 layer 6 blind Rodgers Rodgers PCB PCB, Taikang TLX-8PCBRF-35PCB high frequency printed circuit board | PCB rapid sampling | high-frequency circuit board PCB board | Taikang Rodgers | proofing, PCB plate multilayer blind via high frequency circuit board Doppler induction module board.

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