Companies in order to meet the needs of customers fast delivery, in particular the establishment of a urgent model production line, 1-2 layers of the fastest 24 hours, 4-8 layers of the fastest 48 hours. Minimum mechanical aperture 0. 15MM, minimum line width 3MIL.
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Quality system

Quality system

Quality system

      quality policy:

       First class quality     Accurate delivery time     continuous improvement     Meet customer

      Treat product quality and service quality as well as own life, every post, every department insists on taking the responsibility of quality, or quality inspection, quality supervision responsibility.
      Each task, each task is "fine, accurate, fast" as the goal. All things to do with the standard, there are processes, there are records, there are checks, supervised, there is training. Every employee is determined to pull into the distance with the customer, understand customer needs, meet customer needs.

    Quality assurance

     In order to standardize enterprise management, to ensure product quality to meet customer requirements, improve the credibility of the market competition ability. My company in accordance with the GB/T19001-2000<< quality management system requirements established a quality management system.

      Our products manufacturing and inspection are mainly based on the IPC standards of the European PERFAG standard; of course, customer requirements are the first, our PCB will be fully in accordance with the standards provided by the customer to manufacture and test.


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