Companies in order to meet the needs of customers fast delivery, in particular the establishment of a urgent model production line, 1-2 layers of the fastest 24 hours, 4-8 layers of the fastest 48 hours. Minimum mechanical aperture 0. 15MM, minimum line width 3MIL.
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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management

        Shenzhen Xin Chenger Electronics Co., Ltd. are strictly in accordance with test production GB / T19001-2000idt ISO9001: 2000 "Quality Management System" standard established a quality management system. And in March 2006 we received ISO9001 quality management system certification.

        At present, Shenzhen Xin Chenger Electronics Co., Ltd. , the full implementation of "5S" activities, but also according to GB / T19001-2000idt ISO9001: 2000 "Quality Management System" ,establishment of a set of incoming inspection , process control to finished product testing, after-sales service quality guarantee system. So the inherent quality and reliability are fully protected.
        Our manufacture are mainly based on IPC and Europe PEPFAG standard; of course, customer requirements are the primary. Our PCB will be entirely in accordance with the standard provided by the customer, with the purpose of provide customers with high quality, fast, low-cost products and convenient services.

        All employees abide by"no bad production, do not pass bad, not out of bad" , take aggressive quality management, advanced management experience and learning industry strengths, become the industry's leading.

Business philosophy: to provide customers with good products and services
Quality policy: quality first ,service paramount, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction
Quality objectives:
PCB: customer complaints ≤1%
Double panel of qualified products ≥99%
Multilayer qualified products ≥98%

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Company Address:Bld60,Zhongwu Industrial Park,Xixiang,Baoan,Shenzhen,China
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